What is is a source for band arrangements that was created to help horn bands get up and running ASAP or increase their repertoire without “breaking the bank”.


If you have someone in your group that can write arrangements and they like to do it their way, than this may not be the site for you. But, if you need well laid out charts fast, this is the place.

What’s in Here?

What you’ll find here at is a vast selection of low cost arrangements available for different genres of music in 2, 3, 6 horn and Big Band.

2 horn- trumpet & tenor (for smaller bands that want horns, but want to keep the size down)

3 horn - trumpet, tenor & trombone (the norm for most horn bands)

6 horn - trumpet I & II, tenor, alto, trombone, baritone (for bands that want a fat horn sound)

Big Band (5444) (typical Big Band)

All arrangements include horn parts plus 4 rhythm (guitar, bass, keys & drums) and lead vocal charts or lyrics, where applicable. Sample parts are available on request for review.

Prices are listed at the top of each section. Keys and instrumentation availability are listed on each page. *If a chart is not in the key you are looking for, please ask. We may have it in other keys. Always feel free to ask questions.

How do I order?

Simply tell us in an email to, the arrangement(s) you want. Please provide the title and horn instrumentation (2, 3, 6 or Big Band) of the arrangement and the address where you would like the charts sent. We like to double check things before they go out, so once we do, we’ll let you know the total and a PayPal address where to send payment. PayPal is the only method of payment accepted. All funds must be in USD. Once we receive payment, your charts will be sent via email as a PDF to the email address provided, usually within 24 hours. Sibelius files (please see Sibelius files below) are sent the same way. Arrangements are sold “as is”. We do not create or customize charts.


Sibelius or Music XML

All the arrangements are written using Sibelius notation software. The source files are available for an additional charge of $10 each. We have made these available for those that have the ability to customize arrangements using Sibelius software. We can can also export them as MusicXML files for users of different software programs such as Finale, for the same price ($10 each).

**** Please note: The PDFs must be purchased first, before buying the Sibelius files. *******



Buyer assumes all responsibility for securing performance and/or recording rights.


Thank You!

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